Thursday, May 28, 2015

Five Days to Go!

 We decided today that we'd do a trial trailer pack. So much stuff and so little place to put it! Del carries the heavy items - the tent, tools, spare parts and then anything that won't fit into my trailer. I take the lighter but bulky stuff - sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows, clothes etc. To cut a long story short, by the time we'd finished, both our trailers were chocka!
We'll have to compact things down a little more as, once we're on the road, we'll need to carry emergency food and water supplies, too.  
We've been getting used to towing the trailers on our training runs over the last couple of weeks, adding a little more weight each time. Tomorrow, on our last training  run before we leave, we'll tow them fully packed. 
Much as I'm averse to training on the indoor bike (going nowhere and no cappuccino at the end of the ride), we'll have to do some time on it daily, from tomorrow until we leave, to keep up our fitness.
Give me the open road any day!!

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