Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lefty Loosey - Righty Tighty!

Sunday was spent dismantling the bikes and trailers.
Front wheels came off followed by the seat and bottle cages, the handlebars and pedals.
What a performance we had with the pedals!!!! They were bolted on so tightly that Del just couldn't budge them. Eventually, in frustration, he rang the Bike Barn for advice. Lefty Loosey - Righty Tighty came the reply. Of course it was! He'd done it so many times before. He'd just have to use brute force! So, using a spanner, a hammer and heaps of determination, he eventually got the right foot pedals off both bikes. Still the left ones just wouldn't budge. They just had to come off  so, to complete the job, he headed off to the Bike Barn to have them removed professionally. Eventually, thank heaven, all the pedals were off and both bikes were tightly packed into their boxes. Here's hoping we won't have this to contend with at the end of our ride!

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