Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We're Off Again!!

The minute we arrived home from our last trip in June 2014, Del was hungry for another cycle challenge.
He already had his eye on Adelaide to Darwin.
Now let it be clear. I don't do challenges. I just go along for the ride and I had a much more aesthetic plan in mind. After research, I presented him with a wonderful, romantic cycling holiday along the Danube.
It didn't get a look in! So Adelaide to Darwin it is!
After Christmas we began preparations.
Del plotted a route and I Googled stopovers along the way - caravan parks, motels, rest areas - food stores and water supplies etc. It soon became clear that this would be our most challenging ride yet.
First we had to make sure that our bikes were well equipped for the trip. A new set of Marathon Plus tyres were bought for each bike (imported from England at a fraction of the price in NZ), sets of front and rear lights with battery packs (for early morning starts) and an spare rear axle (for attaching the trailer) in case of breakage. Then both bikes were thoroughly serviced at the Bike Barn, Takapuna.
Del checked his own bike repair kit, too - spare bike tyre and trailer tyre, inner tubes, spare spokes, puncture repair kit and assorted tools for dismantling and reassembling the bikes etc. As before we'll bring our foot pump. It's big but does the job quickly.
We fly out on Wednesday June 3 and have booked a 4 day stay at Scottys Motel in Menindie, just north of Adelaide City Centre and right on the Main Road North - perfect for a smooth getaway.
Just 7 days to go - can hardly believe it!

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