Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Long Haul! Erldunda to Stuarts Well Roadhouse

Erldunda is crow heaven. When they all take off, it's reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds".

It's also a starting point for the trip to Uluru, Ayres Rock. It's a 400+kms round trip so we decided to give it a miss, do our washing and book a motel room in Alice Springs ready for our arrival.

This morning we left Erldunda Tourist Resort at 7.30am as day was breaking. Overcast but warm to start and we were soon stripping off our jackets.

The highway snaked around a rocky range of hills, the James Ranges.

Rode over numerous bone dry river and creek beds. Floodway warnings everywhere indicated that the area could experience up to 2 metres of floodwater in the rainy season.

Arrived at Stuarts Well soon after 3.00pm. A small Roadhouse, it has little in the way of stores and no mobile coverage but does have a pub and restaurant.

It does have a well/spring however, which explains why it is humming with bird life. The trees are alive with screeching cockatoos, galahs and other parrot species.

We settled into a cabin then visited the Camel farm next door and watched as a couple set off on a camel ride.

Shouted ourselves to a wine and early dinner followed by a hot shower and early bed.

We have another big ride tomorrow - to Alice Springs  - or a bush camp if the going gets too tough.

Did 106kms today.

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