Monday, June 22, 2015

More Headwind! Ingomar Rest Area to Small Rest Area

The wind grew stronger during the night and the tent flapping upset our sleep.

By daylight, the wind was so strong and gusty that we thought we might be blown off the road so we considered staying another night and walked to the road to check the conditions. When we got back, the wind had entirely flattened the tent, so we had no other choice than to move on.

We were determined to cut at least 40kms off the trip to Coober Pedy. It took us all day to do it - a hard slog all the way. We were exhausted when we came across a small Rest Area and managed to put up the tent in a cold, howling wind.

A caravan pulled in later. I called on them to ask for a cup of hot water for our emergency dried dinner. Imagine our delight when the lovely Chinese wife delivered not only a kettle full of boiling water, but also a plate full of hot fresh veges. What a treat!

In bed by 6.00pm, with full tummies! Only did 42kms today.

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