Friday, June 26, 2015

Heavy Legs! Cadney Homestead to Marla

Another good cycling day today, though, after yesterday's marathon, the long, slow inclines with constant, energy sapping pedalling, slowed us down.

We negotiated 10 cattle grids today, though we haven't spotted any stock - or kangaroos - for the last 2 weeks!

Had lunch at the small rest area in the photo - typical of the ones we have been camping in - no grass, just dry, red, stony soil.

Sign spotting helps to encourage us along. The sign "M10" was greeted enthusiastically today - 10kms to Marla and relief for our rears!

Marla is a 4 star Roadhouse in comparison to others. It has a petrol station, minimart, takeaway, restaurant, motel and camping facilities. Most of all it has GRASS - specially planted and regularly watered - a lovely sight in such a barren area!
A long ride and a bush camp out tomorrow. My next post will be from over the border on Saturday.
Did 80kms today.

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