Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dingo on the Prowl! Agnes Creek Rest Area to Kulgera

What a night!

We'd settled down to sleep in the tent when a nearby camper yelled out that a dingo had ripped his tent foraging for food. He then took off in a hurry in his car.

We spotted the silhouette of it prowling round our tent. To discourage a similar attack, we took our food away from the side of the tent and put it between us. Seemed to work but there were lots of paw prints around the tent when we woke this morning.

We headed off at 7.30am. 5kms north of camp, we were surprised to see the dingo padding along behind us. Eventually it gave up and took off into the bush.

The terrain changed as we crossed the border into the Northern Territory - rocky outcrops, more varied vegetation and constant uphills! Unlike NZ hills, the road slowly rises for endless kms. Today we powered up 92kms of uphill!

Took a cabin at the friendly Kulgera Roadhouse. No stores available so we bought hard boiled eggs and sandwiches for breakfast.

Dozens of cockatoos are roosting in a tree nearby.

After the excitement of last night, I think we'll sleep through anything!
Did 92kms today.

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