Saturday, June 20, 2015

An unexpected hitch! Glendambo to Bon Bon Rest Area

What a fabulous morning! A cloudless, baby blue sky, a tail wind and the quiet, stillness of the outback. We were quite euphoric!

The ride went well until around 30kms away from Bon Bon. Suddenly Del's right hand gear lever operating 9 back cogs went loose and wouldn't change gear. Now, instead of cycling with 27 gears, he has to operate with 3 - bottom, middle and top. Tried to fix it but no luck. The nearest cycle shop is in Alice Springs so he'll just have to struggle with 3 until then!

Several caravans staying the night here, so we'll have company. The tent faces east. The sunrises have been spectacular. Hoping to get a photo in the morning.

Did 86kms today.

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