Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spuds! Bookaloo Rest Area to Pimba

Slept through all the road train roar and the trains rumbling by! The rest area had no facilities so toileting etc was au naturelle. A caravan pulled in just before dark, so it was nice to have company.

Much of the route today was long, slow climbs broken intermittently with cattle grids. The land has low lying scrub with the occasional tree.

Along the wayside there are piles of bleached bones, probably of long deceased kangaroos - or possibly cyclists that didn't make it!!

We arrived at Spuds Roadhouse, Pimba, at 3.00pm and took a budget cabin. Pretty basic!
The place is an oasis surrounded by red mud. We're just glad that we got here in one piece! A hard day's ride - and sore backsides!

Did 90kms today.

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