Saturday, June 27, 2015

No Flies on Us! Marla to Agnes Creek Rest Area

Got away before 8.00am. Fingers and toes were frozen for a while.

Lots more vegetation along the way now - from grasses and shrubs to small trees.

At last we've seen cattle - half a dozen steers - feeding by the roadside. Nice to see live ones as, until now, most of the roadkill has been cattle.

We've seen lots of bird life today, too - flocks of white cockatoos, galahs, and other small birds as well as the usual crows.

Del had yet another puncture in his trailer tyre - his 4th so far!

A couple flagged us down to say that they had done the same trip a couple of years ago and yesterday we met a young couple doing the trip (sponsored) in reverse. They were on flash road bikes, carried no luggage and had a support vehicle with a caravan following them. Easy Peasy!

Arrived at Agnes Creek Rest Area by mid afternoon. A lovely setting if it wasn't for the flies! Quickly put on our fly nets while the varmints stuck to our clothes in swarms!

Not many campers here tonight. Should be a lovely, peaceful stay.Did 84kms today.
Total so far is 1178kms!

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