Friday, June 19, 2015

First 100! Pimba to Glendambo

We had planned another bush camp tonight, but woke to find perfect conditions for cycling - a fine day and a tail wind - so we decided to go for it and head straight to Glendambo.

The scenery was more varied than usual with a winding road, treeless scrub and passing Lakes Gardner and Hart.

We had our first sign of flies! A few sleepy ones had a free ride on our backs and we had to do the occasional Aussie salute.
Seeing more road kill now. Apart from the usual kangaroo, we saw several cattle that had wandered into the traffic.

Glendambo is basically a pub with a motel/caravan park attached. Our budget cabin cost $99 a night and has no tv, microwave, crockery etc. Basic food items can be bought at the garage next door and are very expensive.

We have 2 nights in the bush coming up. Luckily we've already stocked up for this.

Did 113kms today.

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