Saturday, July 11, 2015

A lazy Day! Rest Day in Tennant Creek

Went to bed at 6.00pm last night and slept like Methuselah. Earlier Del had dosed me up with lots of water and a cold shower which has greatly reduced the heat rash.

At first Tennant Creek appears to be a depressed little one-horse town with a mainly indigenous population - graffiti and dropped rubbish everywhere. The locals seem happier than those in Alice. Most Caucasian faces are of caravanners passing through.

In fact it is the fifth largest town in the Northern Territory with a population of around 8000. Most of the businesses are Caucasian, Middle Eastern or Asian owned. Many appear up for sale.

There is a primary and a secondary school and even a university, Charles Darwin University - but just ONE supermarket and chemist.

An armed policeman checks customers going into the bottle store, where all transactions are done through a grill.

Spent the afternoon mapping out the next stage of the trip and attaching the lights on our bikes.

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