Friday, July 17, 2015

The Pink Panther! Hi-Way Inn to Larrimah

Woke at 5.45am to another perfect cycling day. On the road soon after 7.00am.

The road was mainly flat and winding and, as for most of the ride, had no safety shoulder.

All day large, 3 trailer cattle road trains raced past in both directions - empty going south, and packed to the gunnels with cattle heading north to the port in Darwin.

Drivers of these cattle trains are much less considerate of we poor cyclists, and we've learned to get off the road smartly especially when they're behind us!

Arrived at Larrimah at 1.00pm.
It's another character of a place - just an old, tired hotel - the Pink Panther Pub - with a basic caravan park attached plus a messy menagerie of parrots, parakeets and lorikeets in cages, emus, a wallaby and a small, sleepy crocodile.

The pub is run and patronised by a collection of long haired very eccentric folk. We must remember to tell you about Prickles and Fixit, Fran and Morrie, and Dave.

We took a cheap motel room which had two single beds, a kettle, out of date long life milk capsules, a fridge that didn't work, very dodgy shared amenities and numerous, hungry mosquitoes!
We'll forgo a shower tonight, I think!

No food stores available or cooking facilities so it looks like another pub dinner tonight and emergency breakfast of creamed rice.
Did 92kms today.

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