Thursday, July 16, 2015

Daly Waters! Dunmarra Roadhouse to Hi-Way Inn

Decided on a short ride today to the Hi-way Inn (another Roadhouse) with a detour visit to the historic Daly Waters Pub.

Established in 1930, it's full of character with caps, t-shirts, etc - even bras - dangling from the roof. Had a serving of barra bits (barramundi) and chips - the pub's signature dish.

Nearby are old shops covered in hilarious signs, such as "McDonalds Drive In - 278kms".
Love the Hi-Way Inn - lovely staff and lovely motel units. No food stores available but a nice selection of food on the all day menu.

Shouted ourselves to a bottle of red - kept in the chiller as usual - called "Grey Nomad". Must have seen us coming!
Did 65kms today.

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