Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Long Haul! Elliott to Dunmarra Roadhouse

Left our tatty, little cabin - complete with grass growing through the walls and assorted insects (including a family of very big cockroaches living in a rotting corner) - soon after 7.00am.

Couldn't believe our luck! Tail wind again - four days in a row!

As we go further north, the desert has given way to thick vegetation - rejuvenating grasses, taller shrubs and trees.

Instead of the blue/green colour of the desert plants,  the landscape now is a variety of greens, alive with birdlife. Grass on both sides of the road is kept mown to serve as a fire break.

Until now, the main road kill has been wandering steers, but today, for the first time, we counted at least 10 small wallabies in various stages of decomposition.

Fortunately 2 elderly cyclists managed to avoid being included in the statistics.Twice we were forced off the road when some twit committed himself to overtaking an oncoming caravan at great speed even though we were clearly in opposing lane.

Arrived at Dunmarra Roadhouse in record time, just after 1.00pm and settled into a cabin.

No mobile reception or food stores so it's our emergency tucker or a pub meal again tonight!
On the menu - buffalo, kangaroo, camel and crockodile steaks! I'm a bit concerned for the friendly buffalo that wanders around the campground!

Did 102km today.

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