Friday, July 24, 2015

Almost There! Adelaide River to Noonamah

Woke to another day in paradise - that is until we discovered that some ratbags had let the air out of a tyre on each of our bikes!

Our Marathon Plus Tour tyres are virtually puncture proof so we guessed that they had been tampered with and just pumped them up again.

Left Adelaide River as the sun burst over the horizon. A thick, fog/smog hung over the countryside, and had burnt off by 10.00am.

Boy! Was it hot! We took on water every 10kms and sweated it off almost instantly.

The highway is getting busier the closer we get to Darwin and drivers seem intent on getting places at top speed.

Arrived at Noonamah Caravan Park at midday. It's a public holiday for the Darwin Show so accommodation is in demand everywhere but we managed to get an old motel room at the park which suits us nicely.

Lush tropical plants everywhere in the grounds, but it's so hot - 33 degrees C - that everyone's inside in the air conditioning!

A microwave meal tonight and a relaxing evening - checking up on the Tour de France!

Tomorrow is our last day of cycling and the finishing post is in our sights! Did 71kms today.

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