Thursday, July 9, 2015

Devil's Marbles! Wycliffe Well to Bonney Well Rest Area

We set off energetically at 7.30am knowing that we had a relatively short, interesting ride today. After 20kms stopped for an iced coffee at Wauchope (pronounced Watchup) Roadhouse.

Then 10kms further on we stopped to view The Devils Marbles - hectares of unusual granite boulders piled in heaps by natural erosion - like Uluru, best seen at sunset or sunrise apparently. Looked amazing at 10am nevertheless!

Got our first real downhill run from the Marbles!

With a nice steady tailwind, we soon arrived at Bonney Well which will possibly be our last bush camp! Won't miss the flies, that's for sure!

Del spent ages clearing a nice tent site only to find that the ground was so hard that he could barely get the tent pegs in! C'est la vie!We have a fairly long run into Tennant Creek tomorrow - and civilisation?

Getting warmer every day. Did 45kms today.

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