Friday, July 3, 2015

Public Holiday! Day 2 Alice Springs

It's officially Territory Day today - a public holiday - and most shops are closed!

We wandered through the silent malls with all the other tourists and had lunch at a popular cafe.

Aboriginal women spread their art on the grass hoping to tempt passers-by. Their menfolk squatted on pavements or sauntered around aimlessly.

We're staying at the Elkira Motel - a Best Western - friendly, reasonably priced and close to supermarkets and the city centre. One block of units seems to be occupied by aboriginal families. They keep to themselves and can be noisy at times, chattering and calling to each other at the top of their voices.

We've washed and dried everything we own, restocked our food stores and checked the itinerary for the second half of our trip.

Tomorrow we're off to the Alice Springs Show. Not quite sure what to expect. Next weekend, after we've gone, they've got camel racing! Them's the breaks!!

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