Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hotter! Mataranka to Katherine

Left our cabin at daybreak and pedaled into another perfect day. As usual, we stopped every 10kms for a break, water and a snack.

Innumerable "dressed" termite mounds line the roadside all along the Stuart Highway. Many are very clever and entertaining, like a "bride" we saw today - complete with veil and flowers! Someone from Charles Darwin University is doing a thesis on them apparently!

Passed a military convoy heading south after an Australian/ American exercise in Darwin. More soldiers in Katherine, too.

The days are getting hotter and we're taking on lots of water. We try to get to our destination as soon as we can to avoid the intense afternoon sun.

Found a cycle path about 6kms out of Katherine, that took us right into the town.
Took a room at Katherine Motel, handy to the supermarket etc.

Dozens of Wedge Tailed eagles are soaring everywhere - often quite low to the ground - and behind the motel is a tree full of bats!

Del discovered that his trailer tyre was worn down to the canvas in places and replaced it with a new tyre he'd carried with him since Adelaide.

We grabbed some essentials from the supermarket before resting our weary bones back at the motel.

Will take a well deserved rest day here tomorrow.

Did 106kms today.

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