Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Top End! Darwin

Darwin - known officially as The Top End - is a typical Australian tourist mecca. It has a fashionable esplanade with classy hotels, a central mall, a restaurant/cafe area and a central backpackers.
We spent the morning scrubbing the tent, pegs and trailer bags, shoes etc and removing all signs of red dust and seeds. We know that MAF will pounce on us when we get back to NZ.

Walked to the mall for lunch and, on our return to the motel, found the fire alarm going full blast and fire engines arriving.

Could only happen to us! Turned out to be a false alarm.

Spent the weekend packing the trailers then, on Monday, collected two empty bike boxes from the local bike shop. We were now seriously in business! Del broke the bikes down and packed them, then it was off to the travel agent to organise our flight home.
After much needed haircuts, we spent our last day taking in the sights of Darwin.

The beach is very tidal (the tide rising as much as 8 metres) and the beautiful sunsets are renowned.

Some statistics re the trip:
  • Distance cycled -: 3041kms
  • Number of cycle days - 43
  • Number of rest days - 7
  • Longest daily ride - 152kms (tail wind assisted)
  • Shortest daily ride - 40kms (gale force head wind)
  • Daily average - approx. 80kms
  • Trailer punctures - 4 (all Del's)
  • Bike punctures - 1 blow out (Del)
  • Average speed - 15.6 kms per hr
  • Accidents - 0
  • Near misses - Quite a few!
  • Bike malfunctions - 2 (gears and computer sensor - all Del's!)
We'll be spending the next few days organising our trip back to NZ.
Mission accomplished.

Signing off now.
Del and Cindy
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