Saturday, July 4, 2015

Desert Park! Day 3 Alice Springs

 Decided to give the Alice Springs Show a miss - much like the Auckland Easter Show apparently - and instead rode 7kms out of town to the Alice Springs Desert Park.

It's a neatly laid out park with attractive, modern facilities. It has enclosures of dingos, emus and kangaroos plus a nocturnal house and a couple of small bird houses. The displays and demonstrations could have done with a lift, though we found a talk on indigenous bush tucker very interesting.

On the way out of the park, we spotted this weird object attached to a shrubby branch. It was the size of a large fist, sealed at the top with mud. A wasp's nest perhaps? Any ideas gratefully received.

Tomorrow we resume our trip. Our first night is at a bush camp. Could be out of mobile range frequently from now on, so my posts could arrive in fits and starts.
Darwin here we come!

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