Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ET Phone Home! Barrow Creek Roadhouse to Wycliffe Well Roadhouse

Had a surprisingly lovely dinner at Barrow Creek pub - crumbed lamb cutlets, baked potatoes and mixed veges. Del courageously had a shower last night, but I couldn't face the awful shower stall!

Left at 7.20am and battled a head wind all the way.

What a delight it was to arrive at Wycliffe Well Roadhouse - a little oasis with a grassy caravan park, a wandering emu, white donkeys, a large flock of noisy, white cockatoos in the trees and friendly hosts.

Wycliffe claims to have had UFO sightings and has labelled itself as the UFO capital of Australia.
The Roadhouse and park are adorned with alien statues and murals.

After the tiring ride, took a cabin to ensure a hot shower and a comfortable bed.

No stores available so it looks like another pub meal tonight - or maybe one of our emergency dried dinners!

Did another 90kms today.

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