Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Pit Stop! Renner Springs to Elliott

After a couple of days out of touch with the world, we set off at 7.00am, keen to get to Elliott and civilisation.

The roller coaster route turned out to be quite hilly, but a steady tail wind got us to Elliott in record time, arriving here by 1.00pm.

We were a little surprised to discover how small a town it was.
A very basic campground, a small "supermarket", a pub with run down cabins - and not much else!

With a big ride tomorrow, we took a cabin at the pub -  pretty rough and no cooking  facilities, but adequate - and dinner will be pot noodles, cheese and tomato sandwiches and oranges!
No merlot at the pub, just cask dry wine! It is the outback, after all!

Did 91kms today.

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