Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hot 'n' Sweaty! Hayes Creek to Adelaide River

We left Hayes Creek at 7.30am serenaded by a flock of noisy white cockatoos in the valley below.

20 degrees C, a clear blue sky and a tail wind - can hardly believe our luck!

The day heated up quickly. Yesterday it reached 33 degrees. Same expected today. We feel relatively comfortable when cycling, but get very hot and sweat profusely when we stop for breaks.

It was another shortish ride again today with long gradual climbs and several nice downhills along the edge of the Lichfield National Park.

Arrived at Adelaide River around 11.30am and took a budget room at the historic Adelaide River Inn complex. A platoon of white ants (termites) are scurrying around the perimeter of the ceiling!

The Adelaide River area played an important part during WW2 and has an impressive war cemetery.

Walked to the river which was running quite low. Large, shady trees everywhere.

Having a salad at the inn's bistro tonight. The pub has a stuffed buffalo called Charlie in the bar area. Apparently it featured in the movie "Crocodile Dundee".

Rang a couple of motels in Darwin and eventually made a booking for Saturday.
Can hardly believe that we're almost there!

Did 57 kms today.

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