Monday, July 20, 2015

A Look See! Rest Day in Katherine

Had a brief sleep in and breakfast before checking out the town.

Katherine's main street is about a kilometre long, with a line of lovely trees along the centre.

There's Woolworths, Target and even The Coffee Club here which is as close to civilisation as we've been since Adelaide! There are groups of aboriginal families sitting under trees, on the island in the middle of the road and on street corners. Three policemen were checking credentials at the entrance to the Bottle-O.

Behind the motel, at the bat tree, the bats were airing their wings and squeaking loudly. They have a pungent smell and cover the ground with their droppings.

The temperatures today were 9 (low) and 29 (high). We retired to the cool of our motel room by 2.00pm. Del was keen to catch up with developments in the Tour de France on tv.

Tomorrow 32 degrees are expected! Phew! In that heat, energy is sapped quickly and there is major risk of burning exposed skin.

We're both raring to get going tomorrow. Just 330+kms to Darwin.
The end is in sight!

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