Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tail wind! Tennant Creek to Banka Banka Station

Had planned  a short ride today so set off later than usual at 8.30am.

Arrived at our destination, Threeways Roadhouse, very early because of a helpful tail wind. Bought iced coffee and muffins and took a photo of a 4 trailer road train parked there. We've come across a few of them usually carrying petrol. Most road trains we meet have 3 trailers. They're pretty formidable, too. All the truckies are very considerate of us.

Decided to take advantage of the tail wind and make for the next stop, Banka Banka Station.

It's a working cattle station with basic camping facilities. No power, fuel or food available, but very cheap so popular with the caravanners! It does have a miniature donkey which brays loudly at daybreak!

Were invited out to dinner by Jill, her husband and friends from a couple of the caravans.
Had a large glass of merlot, a nice dinner and friendly chat.
Friends, Barbara and her husband, live permanently in their luxurious trailer.

So many of the campers have stopped to chat. It appears that many have passed us several times as they head north.

Did 102kms today.

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