Monday, July 13, 2015

Springs, Creeks and Wells! Banka Banka to Renner Springs

Most of the stopping places along the Stuart Highway are named after the nearby water supply - springs, creek or well. Until today, all we have seen have been bone dry. This morning we came across two creeks with shrinking, muddy ponds.

The roller coaster road would have been more demanding if we hadn't had the assistance of a cold, blustery tail wind. Gusts kept us on our toes especially when combined with the strong drafts from the road trains. Hard to control the wobbles!

Arrived at Renner Springs at midday. For a change, were able to treat ourselves to lunch, instead of the dried fruit, trail mix etc that we normally lunch on when on the road.

The Roadhouse offers the usual -  fuel, camping and motel rooms, takeaways, restaurant and pub - but no food supplies - not even milk! But it has very productive SPRING! A windmill pumps the rather cloudy water into two ponds.

As in so many of the outback roadhouses, the pub itself is full of character. This one is adorned in caps of all colours, autographed and donated over time by visiting patrons.

Did 60kms today. Total so far 2204kms.

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