Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bloomin' Desert! Ti Tree Roadhouse to Barrow Creek Roadhouse

Ti Tree Roadhouse supplied breakfast, which is a first - cereal, jammy hot toast and milky coffee. Yum! Gave us lots of energy for the ride ahead - a headwind all the way. Yay!

It was an interesting ride nevertheless.
The desert is starting to bloom - mainly yellow flowers with the odd purple.

Then we came across Jason - a 40 something, bubbly Englishman, skinny as a rake - who was cycling round the world! Made our little trip seem insignificant in comparison.

Arrived at Barrow Creek Roadhouse at 2.45pm, tired and hungry. They have poor camping facilities and no cabins so we've taken a room in the old pub. A character of a place. The shower and toilet facilities have to be seen to be believed!

The pub is legendary. All the walls are covered in visitors' graffiti, photos and money. We're in for a real outback experience.
So it looks like a pub meal tonight.

This is Day 32 since we left Adelaide. Did 90kms today.

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