Wednesday, July 22, 2015

US Army on the Move! Pine Creek to Hayes Creek Roadhouse

Had a restful stay at the Lazy Lizard and woke to another glorious day.

To avoid the heat of the afternoon, we decided on another short trip today and headed for Hayes Creek Roadhouse.

Burnt bush was evident all along the way. Del thinks that it was probably controlled burn off but it often covered large areas.

Sometimes, as in the picture, only the termite mounds remained standing.

We called into Emerald Springs Roadhouse for a coffee and muffin. The place was humming as a bus load of tourists had just arrived for breakfast.

Turned out to be the best coffee we've had since Adelaide! The deck was decorated with impressive bull skulls.

Soon after we got going again, a US army convoy passed us heading north. The soldiers were in full combat dress on armed personnel carriers. It felt like an invasion!

When we arrived at Hayes Creek Roadhouse, the soldiers were all inside in various stages of buying lunch.

Took a budget cabin for the night. No food supplies available so it looks like another takeaway meal tonight.
Did 55kms today.

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