Saturday, July 25, 2015

We Made It! Noonamah to Darwin

Today, the Stuart Highway was no longer a single lane highway linking remote settlements. It is now a very busy dual carriageway running through light industrial outer suburbs of Darwin.

We set off soon after 7.00am and had a smooth ride for about 20kms.
We'd just negotiated major roadworks when there was an almighty bang.
Del had blown the tube in his back tyre. The pressure actually shredded the tube and blew the tyre off the rim! Not a problem to Del. He had the tube replaced lickety-split.

Soon afterwards, we discovered a dedicated cycle path that took us away from the traffic and all the way, 25kms, to the city centre.

Our motel is right in the centre.

It's Saturday - half day closing! Tomorrow, Sunday, most of the shops are closed!
On Monday we'll chase some bike boxes. Meanwhile we'll relax and celebrate getting here - and in one piece!

It still feels like just another cycle day. It'll dawn on us soon that the job's done.
Tomorrow I'll post some pics and statistics about our ride from Adelaide to Darwin.

Did 43kms today - the final day of our ride.

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