Friday, July 10, 2015

No Rest for the Wicked! Bonney Creek Rest Area to Tennant Creek

Why is it that Rest Areas seem to be always situated near the highway and close to a main trunk line?

Last night, with the roar of the road trains and the rumbling of the trains, all we needed was a 747 flight path and we would have had complete surround sound!

Not to mention a pack of dingoes that howled most of the night and wandered around the camp.

Didn't get much sleep and left this morning at 7.15am.

All along the route there were "cities" of termite towers stretching for hectares. Bored Aussie travellers obviously enjoy dressing the odd tower with old tee shirts, toilet paper or anything handy. Don't know what the poor termites make of it!

It's getting much harder to ride as the days get hotter. We're taking on lots of water, but I've still managed to develop a small area of prickly heat.

Arrived at Tennant Creek by 1.30pm and raced to buy stores before the only supermarket closes. Will take a much needed rest day here tomorrow.

Did 87kms today.

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