Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lazy Lizard! Katherine to Pine Creek

We got away at 7.00am after a disturbed night with loud movies from next door, followed by high jinx from late night revellers.

Had a roller coaster ride with demanding uphills followed by lovely downhills - probably the most demanding section we've had, especially in the heat.

There were signs of recent bush fires all along the route, in spite of the many fire warning signs and the distant hills were draped in a smoky haze.

Passed a large flock of noisy, black cockatoos.

A large convoy of army vehicles passed us going north. Also several oversized vehicles, each preceded by a warning vehicle, caused us to get off the road smartly.

We arrived at Pine Creek around 1.00pm and were glad to get out of the heat.

Pine Creek is a small township just off the highway.

Took a lovely cabin at The Lazy Lizard Caravan Park - a delightful park with grassy sites, a minimart, a Bottle-O, a swimming pool and pretty treed grounds full of fascinating bird life. We've spotted sulphur crested cockatoos, rosellas, galahs, bower birds and so many others.

After doing our daily washing, spent much of the afternoon relaxing in the shade on the deck of our cabin.
This is the life! Would much have preferred this to a rest day in Katherine.  Heaven!
Did 91kms today.

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