Monday, July 6, 2015

Termite Territory! Connors Well Rest Area to Ti Tree Roadhouse

They say that the night sky in the outback is worth seeing. Well, it's absolutely jaw droppingly stunning!

Last night the sky was saturated with stars. It was magical.
Slept fitfully and didn't get going until 8.15am.

The landscape is becoming more varied and interesting, with swathes of golden, dry grass, clumps of eucalyptus and loads of  termite mounds.

We called into the Aileron Roadhouse for an early lunch.
A middle aged tourist decided that she'd like a photo of an old aboriginal woman who was sitting cross legged under a tree. The old lady refused to be photographed without payment - $20 minimum. The woman backed off quickly!

Next to the Roadhouse was an aboriginal crafts gallery with impressive, giant size carvings - "Big Man Walking" and "Mother and child".

Reached the Ti Tree Roadhouse at 3.15pm, took a cabin and immediately had showers before settling in for the night.
Both looking forward to a good night's sleep.
Did 101kms today.

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